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2024 Reviews - Crescent Beach, Grand Cayman


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Five star ratings
These reviews are not edited for content  but are edited for "typos".

They were either made public on VRBO, TripAdvisor, AirBNB , Google or Facebook, or were written in our SAND or SKY guestbooks and we thank the writers for taking the time to give us and you their opinion.

Crescent Beach has never received a rating of less than 5-stars and we thank our guests for this!
We are very proud that as of February 2024, Crescent Beach has received 244 5-Star ratings across the media and never anything less than 5-Star from our guests. We are committed to sharing Crescent Beach as home-away-from-home and are happy that so many guests return each year as friends. In the reviews that follow, any comments from us are surrounded with [square brackets].

SAND: February 2024: D&VS, Delaware, USA
  • VRBO - Perfect in every way: Our accommodations at Sand were perfect. There were four of us and everything we could have wanted (and more) were provided. We enjoyed snorkelling, the home theatre, barbecue, pool, and games. Paul was responsive to our needs. It is tough getting through the rocks on the way out to snorkel but well worth it!
  • Guestbook: (G&S) - You are an absolute gem. Thank you for sharing your space with us, so that we could enjoy a wonderful vacation. Your daughter's books are wonderfully descriptive - she is quite a story-teller. [Samantha M Clark] Best of luck with the future... Hope to be back soon. (G&D) A fabulous place to spend time with our son and his girlfriend. Wish the bay had been calmer, but it is such a special place anyway. East End restaurants certainly met our needs. Snorkelling with Ocean Frontiers meant no rocks! I can't think of a more idyllic spot than Crescent Beach. We hope to return.

SAND: January 2024: SW, Florida, USA
  • Guestbook: (M&SW) - Thank you ever so much for sharing your slice of heaven with us. We came here by chance but will always return by choice. The serenity and peacefulness of your home immediately permeates your soul when seeing the view for the first time. We found a new kind of peace here and plan to return for years to come. Thank you LiFT organisation. [Click here: Learning Independence For Tomorrow - Crescent Beach supports LiFT by donating a one-week stay each year for their annual silent auction. M&SW won the highest bid in the 2023 auction and hence a week at Crescent Beach which they then extended by another week - many thanks!] (M&JB) - Being here has been a gift - thank you!
  • Google Business: Crescent Beach feels like you have found heaven on earth. If you are looking for a vacation spot that will allow you to settle in, feel at peace, find tranquillity and ground yourself….definitely visit the lovely place. Mere steps from your sliding doors is the Caribbean Sea with a tranquil lagoon where snorkelling is top notch. The morning sunrises are breathtakingly beautiful and so peaceful. The sunsets are awe inspiring and the beauty of Crescent Beach is you enjoy sunrise to the left and sunset to the right. The way this property sits on Grand Cayman, you see both! Crescent Beach is situated on the East End of GC and there is a local vibe that isn’t over run with tourists. The villa is beautifully and comfortably decorated with great WiFi and tv cable options for anyone that loves enjoying a good movie or to catch up on the news. The kitchen is wonderfully set up with top quality cookware and appliances. Each bedroom has its’ own bathroom and the beds are extremely comfortable as well. The villa is also spotlessly clean! The oversized jacuzzi is perfect for a plunge after snorkeling and there are plenty of lounge chairs to catch up with a good book. There are two grills that are impeccably clean along with an outdoor kitchen and dining area. There is a gathering area for a retreat from the sun or an evening of hanging out where you will find table tennis and even a movie/ media room that is amazing! Book a stay and I guarantee it won’t be your last! Paul and Fay Anne are incredibly kind and helpful hosts.

SKY: January 2024: H&T, Maine, USA
  • Guestbook: Thank you for another great vacation. What made the vacation really exceptional was the company of our dear friends. The laughter, the shared moments, and the deep conversations we had created memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. Until next year - "Cheers". PS: Thank you again Paul for the private tour of the Prospect Playhouse. I truly enjoyed it. [Paul is the elected volunteer Theatre Manager of the Cayman Drama Society's Prospect Playhouse]

SAND: January 2024: M&TW, Iowa, USA
  • Guestbook: We love it at Crescent Beach. This time marks our 4th visit. It was wonderful to spend time with you both. The ocean and sun thawed our Arctic selves out.  M got his daily snorkelling in. We saw a stingray and a crab the size of a small dog! Still looking for the eel. See you again next year. [Fay Anne says that the moray eel is in the western area of Half Moon Bay in an aperture under a coral head.]

SAND: January 2024: AS, NJ USA
  • Guestbook: The ocean has always had a special draw to me. When I was young - family vacations, excitement, freedom, the crowded beaches (Jersey Shore), family gatherings, running in and out of the water as it came in along the shore, standing with my mom, older sister and special aunt and watching our feet sink into the sand; watching my dad and older brother out past the waves floating on inner tubes; building sand castles with my younger brother and watching them slowly disappear with the incoming waves; walking along the beach and collecting sea shell treasures. My grandmother travelled to Hawaii and brought back the most amazing sea shells - ones only seen in books. As I get older, just standing on the beach looking out at the horizon or closing my eyes and listening to the waves come and go, feeling the breeze and the slight mist, the scent that only the ocean brings - a sense of consistency and comfort. Imagine finding a place all your own where you can sit on a beach (in the sand) watching the waves come and go, come alive, walking along a beach filled with coral and shells that you've only seen in books - real to the touch. That experience is your Cayman - your Crescent Beach - a magical time that lives on in your heart when you return home. Thank you!

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